Client Management Tests

Client management tests

class rhui4_tests.test_client_management.TestClient[source]

class for client tests

static setup_class()[source]

announce the beginning of the test run

static teardown_class()[source]

announce the end of the test run

static test_01_init()[source]

log in to RHUI

static test_02_upload_rh_certificate()[source]

upload a new or updated Red Hat content certificate

static test_03_add_cds()[source]

add a CDS

static test_04_add_hap()[source]

add an HAProxy Load-balancer


add a custom and RH content repos to protect by a cli entitlement cert, upload rpm, sync


generate an entitlement certificate

static test_07_create_cli_rpm()[source]

create a client configuration RPM from the entitlement certificate

static test_08_ensure_gpgcheck_conf()[source]

ensure that GPG checking is enabled in the client configuration

static test_09_check_cli_crt_sig()[source]

check if SHA-256 is used in the client certificate signature

static test_10_install_conf_rpm()[source]

install the client configuration RPM


check if RH repos have been synced so RPMs can be installed from them


install an RPM from the custom repo


install an RPM from the RH repo


verify that RHUI repo content cannot be fetched without an entitlement certificate


check if irrelevant Yum plug-ins are not enabled on the client with the config RPM

static test_16_release_handling()[source]

check EUS release handling (working with /etc/yum/vars/releasever on the client)

static test_17_legacy_ca()[source]

check for proper logs if a legacy CA is used


remove repos, certs, cli rpms; remove rpms from cli, uninstall cds, hap