Repo Management Tests

Repository management tests

class rhui4_tests.test_repo_management.TestRepo[source]

class for repository manipulation tests

static setup_class()[source]

announce the beginning of the test run

static teardown_class()[source]

announce the end of the test run

static test_01_repo_setup()[source]

log in to RHUI, upload cert, check if no repo exists

static test_02_create_3_custom_repos()[source]

create 3 custom repos (protected, unprotected, no RH GPG check)

static test_03_check_custom_repo_list()[source]

check if the repolist contains the 3 custom repos

static test_04_repo_id_uniqueness()[source]

verify that rhui-manager refuses to create a custom repo whose name already exists


upload rpms from a local directory to a custom repo


upload rpms from remote servers to custom repos


check package lists


check detailed information on the custom repos


add a Red Hat repo by its name


check detailed information on the Red Hat repo


check if retain_repo_versions is used


remove the Red Hat repo

static test_13_remove_package()[source]

check if packages can be removed from a custom repo

static test_14_remove_all_packages()[source]

check if all packages can be removed from a custom repo


add a Red Hat repo by the product that contains it, remove it


add containers


check detailed information on the RH container

static test_18_delete_containers()[source]

delete the containers

static test_19_entitlement_cache()[source]

check if entitlements are cached and evaluated in the blink of an eye

static test_20_entitlement_cache_refresh()[source]

check if the cache is refreshed if a new minor version of a repo appears

static test_21_missing_cert_handling()[source]

check if rhui-manager can handle the loss of the RH cert

static test_22_repo_select_0()[source]

check if no repo is chosen if 0 is entered when adding a repo