RHUI Status Tests

Test case for the RHUI status command

class rhui4_tests.test_status.TestRhuiManagerStatus[source]

class for the rhui-manager status tests

static setup_class()[source]

announce the beginning of the test run

static teardown_class()[source]

announce the end of the test run

static test_00_rhui_init()[source]

log in to RHUI and upload a certificate

static test_01_status()[source]

run the status command on the clean RHUA


add test repos

static test_03_status()[source]

run the status command with unsynced repos

static test_04_add_cds_hap()[source]

add a CDS node and an HAProxy Load-Balancer

static test_05_status()[source]

run the status command with the added CDS and Load-Balancer


sync the good repo and expect a good status


sync the bad repo and expect a bad status

static test_08_check_expiration()[source]

change the expiration threshold and expect another bad status

static test_09_check_broken_external_service()[source]

turn off the haproxy service, check status, and expect yet another bad status


generate a machine-readable file with repo states and check it


remove the SSL cert from the CDS, check status, and expect yet another bad status


use an expired SSL cert on the CDS, check status, and expect yet another bad status


fix the environment but turn off a Pulp worker, expect a service error

static test_14_check_output_with___code()[source]

restart everything, check if the output is only the return code when –code is used


clean up