Subscription Management Tests

Test case for the RHUI SKU and the RHUI 4 repo

class rhui4_tests.test_subscription.TestSubscription[source]

class for tests for subscription registration in RHUI

static setup_class()[source]

announce the beginning of the test run

static teardown_class()[source]

announce the end of the test run

static test_00_initial_run()[source]

log in to RHUI

static test_01_register_system()[source]

register with RHSM


attach the RHUI subscription


attach the Atomic subscription

static test_04_check_entitlements()[source]

check entitlements

static test_05_unregister_system()[source]

unregister from RHSM

static test_06_sca_setup()[source]

set up SCA

static test_07_check_entitlements()[source]

check entitlements

static test_08_sca_cleanup()[source]

clean up the SCA cert and key